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Why is it worth it?

E-logistics center – why is it worth working with us?

The average cost of renting a warehouse is about 18 PLN per square meter. If you wanted to rent an area of 3000 m2 on your own - which is what we offer you - you would have to spend about 59000 PLN per month. Add to this the cost of maintaining employees to operate the warehouse, and you get a substantial sum, capable of shaking your entire business at the time of worse sales. We give you an alternative

Lower costs of running a business

The cost of renting space in our warehouse is only 129 PLN for 2m³, and the price for comprehensive packing and shipping of a single package is provided as an individual offer. This is a fixed fee that we will not increase without prior notification to you.

Comprehensive parcel service

We provide professional fulfillment. This means that we take care not only of storing, but also packing and sending packages to your customers - all the logistics, which is not an easy task, but necessary in any sales business.

Scalable fee – you pay for what you use

The cost of the service we offer depends on how much storage space you currently need and how many orders flow into your store in a given period. The fee is therefore scalable and directly dependent on the dynamics of your business.

Transparent price for parcel service

Comprehensive fulfillment of a single order in our e-logistics center is provided as an individual offer. This is a fixed fee that we will not increase without prior notification to you.

Professional and neat packaging

We pack each order in cardboard boxes or foil packs. Safely and neatly. So that they reach your customer in perfect condition , ensuring their satisfaction, and you - a community of satisfied clients.

We send most orders the same day

All you need to do is place an order for a package by 1 p.m. and we will prepare and send it the same day. Your customers will surely appreciate this speed!

Monitoring and record-keeping

We prioritize transparency, which means you have constant visibility into the status of your inventory in our warehouse. To maintain maximum order, we monitor each package closely, always knowing its whereabouts at any given time.

Warehouse space to suit your needs

As a storage place for your parcels, we have chosen a universal size rack: 2. This space is suitable for most products.

Maximum security for your goods

We insure each product free of charge up to PLN 5,000. The warehouse is carefully ventilated and equipped with air conditioning. This gives you even more confidence that your goods are safe with us.

Automation with a human element

Robots make mistakes too. Don't believe the myth of their reliability. We don't believe it, which is why we rely on automation with a human element in our warehouse and e-commerce logistics service center. And we're proud of it!

No mistakes

Almost all the orders we process leave the warehouse without a single error. Always tightly packed, on time, with the correct label and correct sending information.

Full support of the technical department

Our consultants are always at your service. Has something piqued your interest? Or perhaps concerned? Call us and write boldly! We can also book a dedicated supervisor for you, with whom contact will be faster and easier.


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We provide full logistics services for online stores - storage, packaging, shipping and returns. Professional fulfillment for e-commerce.

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