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How much does it cost to store, pack and send packages?

Definitely less than renting a warehouse on your own and hiring employees to handle it - about that you can be sure. Below we show how much exactly it costs to handle orders for online stores in our center. Because we know that the price list is the basis for planning cooperation and profitability of the venture.


Package handling

In order to make our fullfilment as cost-effective as possible for you, we have divided the cost of handling the package in terms of its size. In this way, you pay for packing and sending a single package:

 Size C nad bigger:

 Size B:


 Size A:


Storage space

You pay PLN 100 gross per month, and in return you get a permanent space in our warehouse: a rack of universal size: 2. It works well for most products. Do you need a custom-sized, extra-protected or more heavily ventilated space? Let us know and we'll definitely find something!

This means that for as little as PLN 100 gross per month, you can order a professional fulfillment for your online store!

What are the dimensions of the various package sizes?

Size A – maximum dimensions 8 x 38 x 64 cm,

 Size B – maximum dimensions 19 x 38 x 64 cm,

Size C and bigger – maximum dimensions 150 x 150 x 150 cm.

The price consists of:

Additional services included in the price

What else do we have for you? 

Reliability and punctuality

These are things that are difficult to evaluate, but often determine the satisfaction of cooperation. We offer the most attractive rates, but that doesn't mean we're cheap! You can trust us. With us, your business will grow.

Keeping informed about the stocking

As soon as a product is returned by a customer, we will inform you right away, giving the customer's declared reason for returning the goods and reporting on their condition. So that you can decide what we do with it next. You also have real-time access to the stocking status and stage of completion of each order.

Individual pricing

We approach each task individually. Does it sound like a cliche? Maybe, but it's the truth! The quoted price includes the time and energy we invest to offer you the best conditions for cooperation.

E-commerce and logistics expertise

You pay monthly and can benefit from our experience, which we have developed both in the world of online sales, running our own online stores, and in the logistics industry. In a word, we are at your service!


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We provide full logistics services for online stores - storage, packaging, shipping and returns. Professional fulfillment for e-commerce.

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