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Professional logistics service for online stores

You want to run an online store and earn as much as possible, and we offer a comprehensive fullfilment at a good price. How about we join forces and create a "win-win" situation? This will give you a competitive edge and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for scalable business growth. And us? Another partner and a source of satisfaction.

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Fullfilment for e-commerce

Steps to success

How do we work?

You order fullfilment, and you get four different but essential elements of e-commerce logistics service.

Sending orders

Professionally packed products, with proper labeling, we put in the hands of reliable carriers so that they reach your customers as soon as possible. We complete most of the orders on the same day!

Handling returns

Our logistics services for e-stores also include the handling of returns. This way, the order handling system is continuous, and you can be sure that unused or defective goods are returned back to the warehouse. In such a situation, we inform you about the return, and you decide what to do with it next.

Receiving and storing products

You deliver the products to our warehouse, we receive and inventory them: arrange them on the appropriate racks and enter into the handling system.

Picking and packing orders

After your customer places an order, we pack the products in sturdy and neat cardboard boxes or foil packs. Do you want us to include instructions, warranty cards, advertising brochures in the packages? No problem! Just arrange it in the contract we conclude at the beginning.

Briefly and effectively

Your way to professional logistics for online stores in 7 steps

7. Handling returns

6. Sending

5. Packing

4. Waiting for order

3. Inventory

2. Send products

1. Contact us

What industries do we serve?

Cosmetics, food and supplements, clothing, textiles, toys, books - these are just a few examples of the products we stock. Do you operate in another industry? No problem! Our large, safe and professionally managed warehouse will surely become a great space for your goods.

For every business

Keep us under control!

Still not 100% convinced about fullfilment? All the more reason to get in touch with our team. When you get to know us – the people behind E-logistics Center – it will certainly be easier for you to make a decision. Of course, once you start working with us, you have access to the order processing system at all times – you know what is happening with your goods and when each specific package will go out from us.

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We provide full logistics services for online stores - storage, packaging, shipping and returns. Professional fulfillment for e-commerce.

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